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Travel Like It Matters

Looking for immersive local travel for your small group??

Welcome! You're in the right place!

Connecting Travelers to Places, Through People

We craft private travel for small groups seeking meaningful connection. Curated and led by passionate locals who share their culture, cuisine and lifestyle, for a sense of place most travelers never get to see!

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Stress-free, sustainable travel planning for an incredible vacation you can feel good about. 

As passionate, sustainable travel designers, we craft your custom itinerary with intention, to connect you with the local community through engaging experiences centered around the natural and cultural heritage of your destination. 

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"Thank you, Conscious Travel Collective, for a truly incredible experience. Immersive travel is a life-changing experience. From hiking a mountainside to sharing a meal with a family at their kitchen table after learning how textiles are made. From experiencing locally sourced cuisine unique and worthy of Michelin star ratings, to learning how the descendants honor their ancestors in almost every aspect of their lives. Oaxaca is a truly incredible and bucket list worthy destination." 

J. Brown on his trip to Oaxaca, October 2022

Travel Like It Matters

We are values-based and mission-driven, which means every trip is designed responsibly, in alignment with our values. Socially and environmentally conscious travelers appreciate our commitment to creating meaningful, positive impact. 

Where we tavel

What Makes Our Trips So Special

Crafted for Connection

Each trip we design is as unique as your group. We take your investment (time, energy and  financial) to heart. After countless trips planned, we've learned a few things about how to make the most of your precious time traveling!  


Here are just a few of the things we prioritize for your group trip:  

How we roll

How We Roll

Positive Impact

Local businesses that are working to preserve and honor their community is our #1 requirement when we are establishing partnerships. We work directly with our partners, without brokers or wholesales, to make sure they are paid fairly, and the dollars spent stay within the local economy. 

Small Group

Smaller is better? We think so! Big tour buses and headsets take a back seat to make room for more human connection. We design for intimate groups of anywhere from 4 to 12 travelers. 

Local Focus

Your trip guides proudly call the destination home and eagerly share their love and cultural insights with you! We always offer locally owned (& gorgeous) boutique properties. Carefully crafted experiences, plus local food and wine of all varieties! This is what a truly immersive experience looks like. 

Flexible Booking

We get it, sometimes plans change, that’s why we created flexible booking!


Check the full cancellation policy for how we've got you covered.

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stay in the loop on new destinations, our favorite sustainable travel tips, ideas we are noodling, and lots of inso for your travel daydreams!

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