The Conscious Travel Collective is re-imagining travel through artfully crafted, small-group sustainable travel experiences. We are on a mission to foster a more conscious and compassionate world through transformational journeys that empower communities, respect all beings, honor cultures, and are gentle on our planet.

We believe travel can make the world a better place, and enrich lives by connecting travelers to a meaningful experience — one that will leave them in awe, and forever change the way they travel.


Here at the Conscious Travel Collective, we see travel as a privilege, and sustainable practices as our responsibility. As such, we aim to integrate these values with ethical practices that demonstrate respect for the destination, and to lead by example in the tourism industry.

As passionate, sustainable travel designers, we craft each tour with intention to strengthen, support, and empower the local community, and to cultivate joy, awareness, and connection among our travelers — through engaging experiences centered around the natural and cultural heritage of the destination. Our methods strive to ensure a mutually positive outcome for both travelers and destinations.

Travel, the way it should be.

Our values drive our actions. Our actions drive our mission.


CTC Believes:


  • Humanity, as a collective, must do everything possible to ensure the wellbeing of all people, places, and cultures, today and for the future. 


  • Travel is a privilege and must be conducted in a way to ensure the greatest benefit for the local community, with respect shown for the natural environment, local and indigenous peoples. Travel should not come at the expense of people today, or future generations.


  • As an industry, tourism must take responsibility for actions and practices that support the long-term health of our planet. CTC commits to leading by example in the sustainable tourism space. Our trips are highly curated to achieve a gentle footprint and uplift local communities for the long term. They demonstrate how travel can be conducted consciously, and seek to inspire participants to place responsibility at the heart of their travel choices.


  • It is the responsibility of travelers and the travel industry to protect indigenous populations, and their access to their lands.  CTC respects the sovereignty of locals in destinations visited by travelers and defers to their expertise and experiences above all. CTC honors the agency of the host community to tell their own story.


  • In the power of collective action to increase awareness, advocate on behalf of our shared values, and bring about meaningful change.

CTC Recognizes: 


  • That tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in many communities and that sustainability extends beyond the “green” choices we’ve implemented.  CTC partners with forward-thinking independent, local businesses that align with our values, share our commitment to shaping a sustainable future for their community, culture, and their natural resources, and value their employees with a livable wage and proper working conditions.

Finally, Conscious Travel Collective wholeheartedly believes in human connection as a source of enrichment and vitality that makes life more beautiful. We honor the opportunity to cultivate connections between people of different backgrounds, and to make space for a deeper appreciation of each other.


Craving some connection?


Dive Deeper

Not a fan of boring walking tours? Neither are we. Our locally-focused trips, led by our amazing local guides, offer immersive experiences, so you don’t just get to witness a destination— you get to feel it, smell it, taste it— all in a way that captures and celebrates the essence of the local culture.

Connection over Consumption

Our trip offers you the opportunity for true connection with the local community, and fellowship among travelers, culminating to leave a lasting impact on the soul.

Sustainable Luxury

Relax and unwind in comfort. All our trip accommodations are beautiful boutique properties that are comfortable and well located. Each has been carefully selected for its aesthetic and representation of local culture.

Mindful, Sustainable, Responsible

Our mindful approach to travel planning creates a done-for-you itinerary for a sustainable travel experience so you can enjoy your trip knowing it doesn’t have a negative impact.

Our commitment to transparency serves to both promote awareness and offer realistic alternatives to harmful travel choices— empowering our travelers and partners with tools to make ethical and sustainable choices that align with their personal values.

We value all cultures, respect native land, and and show reverence for the finite resources of our planet.


Have questions about our sustainable travel practices? Just ask!