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We currently offer only private travel to the Basque Region.
We have yet to establish our 2023 small groups dates, but check back soon. Or, you can inquire about a custom trip below

Dates for Summer 2023 COMING SOON!

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On the Atlantic coast, where the French and Spanish border meet is a special place, home to a proud and distinct culture, with its own language and traditions. Known as Euskadi, it is an autonomous region is Spain. The French refer to the area as “Pays Basque”, and although autonomy has not been recognized, the French consider it a cultural region.


Perhaps the most internationally famous destination in Basque country is the seaside city of San Sebastián (known locally as Donostia), Spain. A total stunner with gorgeous architecture, a historic pedestrian-only area, two beaches and arguably the most critically renowned culinary scene…. in the world! No surprise considering this area is one of Europe's most ancient, and most independent-thinking regions.


With so many cultural riches, don’t overlook the fact the landscape truly dazzles. Home to steep mountains, verdant hills, and lush valleys that roll until they are met with striking, rocky coastlines. You'll also enjoy the charm of small towns, family-owned wineries serving up full-bodied wines, local farms operating on passion and time-honored traditions, and centuries-old pilgrimages paths on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail.


Conscious Travel Collective trips happily immerses you in the rich history, art, culture of cuisine the Basque Country. 

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