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Lake Bled from above Photo credit Rene Strgar.jpg

Within its compact borders Slovenia overflows with enchantment. Enthralling visitors with jaw-dropping beauty, culture and relaxed elegance. With diverse landscapes, from the Capital, to the coast, along emerald rivers, into vineyards dotted with fairytale medieval castles, and surrounded by jagged alpine peaks. Slovenia is a country where magic resides around every corner.

Slovenia Highlights

Boštjan Selinšek Mestni Vrh.jpg

Wine Regions

Alpine foothills, terrace vineyards and Mediterranean coastlines, diversity abounds in this surprising & stunning wine region.

View of Ptuj, Slovenia photo credit Albin Bezjak

Fairytale Villages

Get lost amid storybook medieval villages that offer portals to the past!

Slovenia crystal blue river

Alps, Valleys & Parks

Preserved and pristine nature offers a playground for every kind of adventurer in all four seasons.

Lake Bled Slovenia

Lake Bled

Turquoise waters surrounded by mountains. Take a boat ride to the picturesque church on Bled island.

Morning in Ljubljana Slovenia


Stroll the cobblestone streets and riverside promenades of Slovenia's lovely capital city.

Restaurant Gostilna Grabar photo credit  Stanko Kozel

Culinary Delights

Farm to Table and Michelin stars meet under the same roof for cuisine that is at once fresh, traditional and surprising

Hotel Plesinik spa photo credit aljosavidetic

Spas & Wellness

From thermal springs to seaside mineral waters, cater to all your senses to revitalize body and soul.

Slovenia caves

Underground Caves

Wander through awe-inspiring underground tunnels of limestone caves and canyons.


Nestled between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia is a fairytale land that will capture your imagination. Though small in size, its landscapes are strikingly diverse. Slovenian terrain takes one from majestic mountains, rushing rivers and forests in the north down through rolling hills dotted with vineyards and charming towns to a spectacular Adriatic coastline in the southwestern corner. This variety in landscapes lends itself to a bouquet of locally-sourced foods and wines that will delight and surprise!


Let Slovenia cast its spell over you., the call of the mountains, and the glittering Adriatic coast, Slovenia is an underappreciated gem in Europe!

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Slovenia Itinerary

Craft your custom itinerary to experience Slovenia's renowned culinary delights, celebrated wines, diverse culture and stunning landscapes. Taste authentic farm-to-table cuisine, cycle through vineyard-dotted hills, unwind at seaside villages and connect with warm locals as we immerse you in the culture of this gem from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea. Uncover the wonder of Slovenia.

  • Embrace the art of relaxation with a traditional Alpine spa. Soak up the healing properties of nature, while taking in the jagged peaks of the Julian Alps from a luxurious spa retreat. And because this is Slovenia, these special destinations are committed to sustainability! Sounds too good to be true, ask us all about it, we’ve personally tested it!

  • Nature lovers and adventurers will love to wander the dense green forests, hugged by emerald rivers and rushing waterfalls. A natural playground of hiking trails, rock climbing, rafting, skiing and an unparalleled system of cycling trails.

  • With romantic scenery seemingly plucked from a fairytale. Visit quaint hilltop villages and medieval castles and walk the cobbled streets of ancient coastal towns along the Mediterranean.

  • Tour the dramatic Predjama Castle. A medieval castle embedded in a cliffside cave before visiting the nearby Postojna Caves to marvel at the stalagmites, stalactites and underground tunnels of one of the largest cave systems in Europe.

  • Experience the warmth of Slovenian culture and hospitality, with its relaxed elegance and luxurious comforts. From 5-star hotels, to Family-owned mountain retreats to agrotourismo's in a vineyard, be delighted with your stays across the entire country.

  • An emerging culinary capital, travelers seeking authentic local food and wine will find themselves charmed by Slovenia's rich offerings within stunningly diverse settings from mountains to sea.

Hotel Plesnik - Logar valley - fire pit.JPG
Photo credit josÃbarbosa

Did you know...

Our trips are created in collaboration with, and led by locals! Travelers will spend their days with a local to experience and connect you to this lively place, its history, and the people that make it so incredibly special.

Slovenia hillside photo credit tomáš-malÃ.jpg


From the jagged peaks of the Julian Alps to the glittering Adriatic coast, Slovenia's breathtaking landscapes form a storybook backdrop for indulging in the country's exquisite wines and fresh farm-to-table cuisine, warm hospitality and diverse cultural influences.


With ancestry spanning Slavic and Germanic tribes, Romans and Habsburgs empires, the Slovenian people embody resilience and adaptation. Slovenia's dynamic culture provides a window into the richness of Europe's past and an inspiring look at its future. 


Its remarkable blend of cultural influences are visible in Slovenia's architecture, art, musical and culinary traditions. Slovenia honors its agrarian roots through festivals showcasing wine, ham, and cheese. Locals proudly don traditional costumes for events like the Kurentovanje Carnival. The thriving arts scene supports performance works of opera and drama, as well as an impressive music scene from avant-garde to folk. Literature and poetry also flourish, from national epic poems passed down through generations to contemporary authors like Slavoj Žižek.


The storybook capital of Ljubljana with its Baroque buildings and whimsical dragon statues is at the physical heart of the country. Slovenia's capital city boasts the medieval charms of Old Europe blended seamlessly with Habsburg elegance and lively outdoor cafés. Stroll the pedestrian streets of the Old Town, cycle along the verdant banks of the Ljubljanica River, and take in the panoramic views from Ljubljana Castle from its hilltop perch. By night, be drawn into the thriving cultural scene and lively nightlife and music scene. The quirky and creative vibe makes it a place that endears itself to visitors.

From the vineyards producing crisp white wines to the Mediterranean flavors of fresh seafood and olive oil, Slovenia delights foodies with its fusion of Alpine, Italian, and Balkan cuisine. Adventurous palates can sample beloved delicacies like štruklji dumplings, Potica cakes, and pršut prosciutto paired perfectly with local Malvazija wine.


Conscious Travel Collective designs your travel to immerse you in the stunning scenery, art, culture, natural bounty and incredible cuisine of Slovenia!

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How long do you suggest for a trip that spans several regions in Slovenia?

We usually advise from 6-10 nights, depending on the pace you like to travel, and the places you are interested in visiting.

What is the best way to get around?

Driving is the most convenient for covering larger distances between cities and regions, however the regional bus system is very good, and public transport works well for getting around within cities. Ljubljana and other towns also tend to be very walkable, as well as extremely bike friendly. We usually recommend a driver/ guide for day trips to make the most of your time, and create ease for our travelers.

What airport is best to arrive into?

It depends on your specific trip details, however the region has three airports we frequently use: Venice (Italy), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Zagreb (Croatia). We will provide a suggestion of starting point based on your itinerary.

What is the weather like?

By "small" we mean 4 to 14 travelers. This area is serviced by trains, planes and automobiles so we can easily get your group from place to place. Some of the wineries and restaurants will hit their maximum capacity if the group exceeds 14 guests which is why we recommend keeping it this size or smaller. 

What currency does Slovenia use?

Slovenia uses the Euro (€). Major credit cards are widely accepted in cities, though smaller towns may be more cash-based.

As an US passport holder, do I need a visa to visit Slovenia?

Slovenia is part of the European Union's Schengen area. U.S. citizens can visit visa-free for up to 90 days.

Is Slovenia safe?

Slovenia is a very safe country, with low crime rates. Normal precautions for travel apply.

What language is spoken in Slovenia?

The official language of Slovenia is Slovene, also known as Slovenian. It is a South Slavic language related to Serbo-Croatian and spoken by approximately 2.5 million people, primarily in Slovenia.

Slovene uses the Latin alphabet and has several dialects influenced by Slovenia's historic position along the Adriatic coast and as part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. 

Many Slovenians also speak English, German, or Croatian as second languages, especially those working in the tourism industry. Learning a few key Slovenian phrases or attempting to speak the language is generally appreciated by locals when visiting Slovenia.

Do you only work with small groups?

We welcome all travelers - this means solo, couples, trios, groups, whole families, you name it! We encourage small group travel because it's a great way to have a private, fully curated experience at a greater value, plus the immersive experiences we specialize in are extra special when shared with a group.

That said, we have lots of expertise in travel design for just 1-2 travelers and know how to capture the essence of immersive travel for groups of every size!

I plan to stay a few days longer than my group, can you arrange a hotel and activities for me?

Of course! We tailor design each trip for the group, as well as individual needs of each traveler.

Need clarification or have additional questions?

We are happy to be of service! Just send an email to hello@conscioustravelcollective.com 

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