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Travel Tailored for YOU
Responsibly designed with your destination of choice and trip goals in mind

(“Conscious Collaborations”)

Interested in custom group travel planning?


Hosting a corporate retreat or planning a big family reunion? 

Let us do the legwork and curate your dream trip for an unforgettable experience!

CTC takes care of all the planning and ensures a commitment to CTC values, down to the last detail.

  • Family Trips

  • Yoga Retreats

  • Culinary Group Tours

  • Corporate/ Professional Groups

Through immersive, authentic and interactive travel, we design for a more meaningful experience! Plus we utilize the opportunity of travel to illuminate travelers on issues that can harm destinations, and how we can each be better global stewards.


Interested in private travel done responsibly?


CTC values the transformative experience of traveling together with others, but sometimes many of our travelers are dreaming of something a bot more intimate. They want to travel with a friend, or partner, or maybe solo - but most importantly, they want to make sure their trips aligns with their values. We got you!

All private travel planning is undertaken in line with our values and adheres to the same responsible practices we follow for our group trips including;


  • Ethical wages

  • Support small & locally owned businesses

  • Immersive travel design

  • Supporting experiences that serve Women's empowerment

  • Ensuring the majority of funds remain in the destination!


  • Save time on research, planning and logistics

  • Experience the destination in a meaningful and responsible way

  • Tap into an established network of ethical and knowledgeable travel professionals

  • Take part in the  progress of the travel industry toward a more equitable future

  • Experience the destination through authentic connection with the locals

  • Feel secure knowing that all trip elements have been fully vetted by our team

  • Travel without compromising your values

I love the sound of this, but I'm not ready to start planning yet.
How can I stay in touch with all thing Conscious Travel?
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