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  • Why work with a CTC expert?
    Presence is a luxury. We design trips so that travelers can be in a state of ease on their trip, giving attention to things like taking in the gorgeous place they've traveled so far to arrive at, and connecting with the kind hosts welcoming them! We design each element with consideration of a traveler's time, comfort and experience. Beyond these core elements, we seek to evoke awe in travelers. This is where connections are forged, and memories are made. Within the stunning destinations and impressive services, we seek to create something that will last and experiences that cannot be replicated. Why awe? Every experience that stays with us has one thing in common, it evokes emotion. Travel is a unique opportunity to be a beginner, to do something for the first time, to experience novelty. In each trip we design we seek to delight while offering something which will inspire a sense of awe and wonder. Experts have demonstrated that wonder is an essential emotion, "a salve for a turbulent mind", benefiting health, as well as happiness. Travel is best when designed as a curated experience to evoke feelings and leave a lasting impact.
  • Is your team based in the US or in the country I'm visiting?
    We are a US company, and our design team is based in New York however each and every person "on the ground", is a local. We have been very intentional about building a team that is made up of 100% local folks. The direct relationships we establish through ethical partnerships are the heart and soul of Conscious Travel Collective. Each of our local partners has played an integral part in creating trips, and designing the experiences that will eventually be the elements of your trip! These are the same people who will be your guides, hosts, and new friends once you arrive! We believe that seeing a place through the eyes of locals leads to the most honest, and meaningful experience - if this is the kind of travel that appeals to you, we'd love to speak with you about crafting your trip.
  • Why do you call yourselves a “collective”?
    This language fits for several reasons. First, our trips bring together small groups for an intimate gathering and sharing of experiences. What comes from this are little, momentary communities that exist for a few precious days before everyone disperses back to their respective homes. But in those moments, very special interactions are occurring that can never be repeated. The unique makeup of each trip occurs only once in time, with every individual offering their own special element, their own gifts, and energy, thus shaping the experience of the group. Each trip is a unique, collective experience. Additionally, CTC is fueled by our values. Our ideals inform our choices. We are continually checking in on the impact we have to ensure it provides a benefit to the community and the earth as a whole —- with the collective at the heart of every decision. Finally, we believe in the power of collective action to cultivate and propel meaningful change. CTC seeks to contribute to positive social change not only by designing our trips in a way which supports those on the ground working toward positive impacts in their community, but also by providing tools and awareness to our partners, our travelers, and the travel industry. It is our profound desire that the attention CTC offers, the dedication to our values, and the curiosity and humility with which we engage fuses together to serve the collective consciousness in our own small way.
  • What’s included in the price?
    Each trip is custom designed for the needs and budget of the group. All the inclusions will be noted in your offer, and we are happy to adjust as needed. Most of the trips we design include accommodations, activities, a local guide, daily excursions, private licensed drivers, special experiences, admission fees, and gratuities, however it is common to also include meals, a photographer and other special elements! Our custom trips typically do not include flights, visa or foreign entry fees, travel insurance, and personal expenses.
  • Can the trips accommodate food allergies or dietary preferences?
    Of course! In the trip planning phase we will send a few questions for each traveler to make sure we know how to give each member of your group a personalized experience for an awesome trip! One such question is regarding food choices, just let us know your preference and we will take it from there!
  • Will I have free time?
    Yes you will! Nearly each day has some “down time” for you to enjoy the hotel, the town or just take it all you! The itinerary will note some of your free time, but rest assured, each trip is carefully crafted to balance activity with relaxation.
  • Can I arrive early or stay later than the rest of my group?
    Absolutely! If you plan to stay longer, please reach out to our team to assist you with logistics and make recommendations for your bonus time.
  • Can I share a room with another traveler?
    Good question, the short answer is: it depends. Sometimes the rooms can be arranged for two beds, in which case if another traveler also wants a shared accommodation, we are happy to set that up. We will ask about room type preferences and arrangements early in the planning process to get all these details just right for your group. If you have specific questions about an itinerary, email us at hello@conscioustravelcollective.com
  • Are your tours only conducted in English?
    Our guides are multilingual! Wherever in the world we are traveling we partner with guides who have strong English proficiency, since most of our travelers are English speakers. For additional languages, please enquire directly and we will confirm the languages offered on that specific trip. We may also be able to make arrangements for an additional translator. Please email at hello@conscioustravelcollective.com
  • Is there a minimum age requirement?
    Sometimes - It depends on the destination and experiences. A few of our local partners have minimum age requirements in place. In your discovery call, please share the ages of all travelers and your travel curator will prepare offers suited for your group. But not to worry, we have excellent options for travelers of all ages! For questions on a specific destination itinerary please email us at hello@conscioustravelcollective.com.
  • Why do I need travel insurance?
    We want everyone to be protected so you can focus on having a safe and memorable holiday. Thus, travel insurance is mandatory for each traveler. Proof of insurance is required 60 days prior to your trip, however we recommend you purchase your coverage shortly after you confirm since the ability to buy travel insurance varies, based upon the date of purchase. There are lots of Travel Insurance companies to choose from. We like WanderWell as they are similarly aligned with CTC values of sustainability To find out more about the importance of travel insurance click here Please read our full Travel Insurance policy in our terms and conditions.
  • What are the COVID-19 protocols?
    We are all very much looking forward to traveling again, and doing so as safely as possible. We take our responsibility to protect our travelers and all the folks in the destination very seriously. That’s why we have health and safety protocols in place, before and during every trip. All travelers must be vaccinated for the safety of their fellow travelers, and the people in the destination. We closely monitor and adhere to all CDC COVID-related safety guidelines. Our operations team will be monitoring any requirements for entry to the destination, as well as health and safety protocols. Our team will share updates with travelers via email with other trip details, and helpful tips. Mask wearing may be required depending on local protocols and / or recommendations. If a COVID-19 test is required to enter your home country, we will provide details on where and how to test prior to your departure. Testing costs are not included in the cost of the trip Please note that precautions, protocols and safety requirements are subject to change before or during a trip. If at any time we think it is unsafe to travel we will cancel and offer guests the opportunity to reschedule for another date.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    We are a travel company grounded in the work of bringing responsible tourism to our guests and the host communities. Our work is built on respect and in collaboration with our partners. A lot of intentionality, care and hard work goes into designing each of our trips. Our policies reflect our values and are intended to be fair to everyone; our travelers, our partners in the destination and our company. As we design your custom small group trip, we confirm with our destination partners, which usually means guaranteeing your spot with a deposit. Our team and our partners make arrangements based on the specific number of travelers, several months in advance. To cancel after we have confirmed and preparations begun can adversely impact the local business. We create conscious travel to make a positive impact, and for that reason we cannot allow for changes 90 days or less from the start of a trip. We hope you understand and invite you to reach out to us if you have questions or comments. Deposits: Most custom designed Conscious Travel Collective trips require a deposit of only $500 to confirm your spot! Some of our partners require a larger deposit, which your travel curator will inform you on in the trip planning phase. The deposit is non-refundable with the remaining balance due 90 days prior to the first day of the trip. Changes: We get it, life is unpredictable. We want to make sure you can change your trip dates as long as it’s at least 90 days before the start date of the trip you’ve confirmed. A one-time change is permitted at no cost. We will simply apply your payments to your new trip dates or hold a credit to be used within 12 months of notice to cancel. Please note, all cancellations must be received in writing at least 90 days prior to the first day of the trip. To cancel your spot, please send an email to hello@conscioustravelcollective.com. Cancellations & Refunds: All payments are non-refundable should you decide to cancel your booking. We do not offer refunds. If you need to change or cancel your trip and have provided notice at least 90 days prior to the first day of the trip, any payments made to Conscious Travel Collective will be held as a credit that you can use within the next 12 months. Travel Insurance is required, however we strongly recommend that you purchase your travel insurance policy shortly after confirming your spot so you are protected in the event you need to cancel with less than 90 days notice. Find out more about travel insurance here Read our complete terms here
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