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woman in traditional clothing with basket of fruits on her head

Welcome to a place where the streets come alive, walls burst with color, heritage is honored, cuisine is an art and art is a lifestyle! Where life is celebrated in all its fullness & joy is crafted each and every day... 

Oaxaca Highlights

traditional dance in colorful clothes


Let's celebrate! Oaxaca knows how to party - festival, dance, costume & celebrating life in all its fullness awaits!

traditional cuisine


Dine on the distinct flavors of Oaxaca. Home to world-renowned chefs proudly cooking in traditional regional style

cobbled streets of UNESCO World Heritage city center


Stroll of cobbled streets of the UNESCO World Heritage city center. Or maybe grab a drink on a rooftop for an aerial view.

woman creating traditional art


Visit one or many of the thriving artist communities in the Puebla’s surrounding the center, and take home a real work of art.

hands pouring mezcal


Far more than a beverage, Mezcal requires passion, devotion and must be savored – a lot like life some might say.

woman taking a selfie in front of a buidling


Befriend the warm and welcoming citizens of Oaxaca. Probably the easiest thing you’ll do all week!

mural art of dog and old woman


Witness the embrace of art as protest, and protest as art (you’ll notice murals all around, but don’t miss their stories)

woman reaching into a weaved basket


Hear stories from the local indigenous communities, and their connection to this magical place.

Oaxaca, Mexico

Within the state of Oaxaca, (wuh-haa-kuh) in a fertile valley with mountains on three sides, lays its Capital, known as Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca City, or simply “Oaxaca”.

The vibe is easygoing and unhurried, resembling that of a low-key coastal town, infused with cultural richness, and depth of tradition that flows from every cobbled street.

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Looking for inspiration?

Check out one of our custom curated trips, special designed for foodies, who love art, nature and connecting with locals!

"Thank you, Conscious Travel Collective, for a truly incredible experience. Immersive travel is a life-changing experience. From hiking a mountainside to sharing a meal with a family at their kitchen table after learning how textiles are made. From experiencing locally sourced cuisine unique and worthy of Michelin star ratings, to learning how the descendants honor their ancestors in almost every aspect of their lives. Oaxaca is a truly incredible and bucket list worthy destination." 
J. Brown on his trip to Oaxaca, October 2022

Local Friends

Meet Bestida!

Lover of Oaxaca's food and culture! She is a mother, a cook and a storyteller.
smiling woman cooking
colorful building

Did you know...

Our trips are created in collaboration with, and led by locals! Travelers will spend their days with one of Oaxaca’s own to experience and connect you to this lively place, its history, and the people that make it so incredibly special.

About Oaxaca

Pronounced (wuh-haa-Kuh)

The small city center is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and home to world-renowned chefs who tap into the diverse regional cuisine, and traditional ways of cooking. The city is famous for its many festivals, and spirit of revelry, but when you aren't stumbling upon a dance party in the streets, you'll be entertained by the dynamic culture and vibrant arts! Each of the towns in the valley surrounding the city center have their own artistic traditions ~ we can't wait to introduce you to their stunning handmade creations.

Oaxaca is a standout for its handmade artistic traditions, passionate festivals and music, and genuinely loving hospitality from locals.


Originally home to native Zapotec and Mixtec communities, followed by Aztec in the 15th century before the Spanish conquest in 1521. Today the layers of history, the wars, and the peace of its inhabitants are interwoven to create the beautiful, bold tapestry of cultural heritage that wraps locals and visitors alike in its welcoming embrace.

Umbrellas strong together to create a brightly colored overhang, shading a courtyard. Photo credit: Yoshua


When should I arrive in Oaxaca?

We suggest arriving in the morning or afternoon to have a little time to rest and settle in.

My flight gets in the day before my group, can you arrange hotel and activities for me?

Of course! We tailor design each trip for the group, as well as individual needs of each traveler.

What airport is best to arrive into?

You will fly into the Oaxaca Airport (code OAX)

How many travelers are in a small group?

We suggest between 4 and 10 people per group in Oaxaca. Many of our favorite places are intimate and cozy environments, that work best when the group size fits the space, and you have the best experience!

Do you only work with small groups?

We welcome all travelers, this means solo, couples, trios, groups - you name it! We encourage small group travel because its a great way to have a private, fully curated experience for a better value, plus the immersive experiences work so well for sharing with a group. That said, we have lots of expertise in travel design for just 1-2 travelers and know how to capture the essence of immersive travel for travel groups of every size!

What is the best time of year to visit Oaxaca?

Short answer - there is no bad time.

This is because the climate is mild, and each time of year offers something special. Oaxaca is host to a dozen (more actually) festivals and celebrations, meaning each month gives its own unique perspective on the captivating culture, and sense of familiarity.

Travel peaks for the week around Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, which is celebrated November 1st and 2nd across Mexico. 

If you enjoy warm weather, the winter is sunny, dry and some of the warmest months. Summer sees a little rain, but not enough to avoid travel at this time. Depending on your preferences for sun and culture events, there usually is not a bad time of year to be in Oaxaca!

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