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Private Charter in Croatia

Discover why Croatia is one of the most beloved sailing destinations IN THE WORLD! Croatia’s vast coastline and 1100+ islands create endless opportunity for adventure, fun, relaxation, and unforgettable memories – but there’s only one way to get there – BY BOAT! With an ideal climate, rich culture, and unparalleled natural beauty, the Croatian Adriatic offers an experience like nowhere else on earth.

We'll show you just how easy and affordable it is to experience the incredible perks of private charter. 

Catamaran Mala private charter in Croatia

For starters – what qualifies as a “private charter”?

Any kind of multi-day boat rental that is private, just for you and your group – no other guests.

Often this means a catamaran, yacht or sailboat with 3-5 cabins, it could also be a larger ship with 25+ cabins.

(One reason why Croatia is so great for this kind of travel, there is a huge selection!)

Croatia's Vast Coastline

Croatia's mainland is an area that is relatively small however the coast boasts an enviable 3000 breathtaking miles! It’s coastline is entirely along the Adriatic Sea, where Croatia has laid claim to over 1100 islands!

Together, the Croatian coastline and archipelago equals a paradise unlike anywhere else in the world.

A seaside village in croatia
Croatia heart shaped island.png

1100 Islands & Counting

The numbers of islands vary (last official count totaled 1244)! Many are tiny, and the overwhelming majority are uninhabited. The islands of Croatia are a paradise best explored with a private charter.

There is only one way to see these islands, which is arriving by boat - and no better way to experience privacy, and comfortable luxury in Croatia than private charter!

Total Flexibility

Private charter means total flexibility. With thousands of stunning beaches along the Croatian Adriatic, our team of professional skippers and hosts are your perfect guide to discovering your ideal spot! Your crew knows every beach, cove and bay. Bringing you to the best locations to enjoy the day as you wish – whether that is playing in the sea, swimming in a secluded bay, snorkeling among wildlife, or lounging in a chic hot spot.

Woman captaining a sailboat pointing off in the distance Photo Credit Andre Furtado

Climate & Sea Temperature

Croatia benefits from a long charter season largely due to the calm seas the protected Adriatic provides. Expect to find warm, sunlit days and excellent conditions from Mid-April through Mid-October!

One of the sunniest countries in Europe, paired with its mild winters creates very pleasant sea temperatures – we describe it as perfectly refreshing – it’s cooler than the Caribbean but not as cold at the Pacific.

Types of Private Charter in Croatia

Croatia Charter Selection

The type of vessel you choose will shape your experience. Whether you are dreaming of relaxation, high-speed performance, adventure and exploration, family fun or something unique!

Croatia is said to have one of the largest charter fleets in the world! Our carefully vetted collection of best-in-class charters assures we can match the perfect vessel to meet the specific wishes and dreams of each traveler – from the finest in luxury yachting, to rugged sailing, to comfortable cruising – each charter type offers unique benefits and specialties, for your personal dream trip come to life!!

Private Catamaran Charter

Catamarans offer excellent balance for a very smooth ride, yet still provide the feeling of being on the water. The design offers spacious living areas, and tons of lounging areas.

Our selection of catamarans ranges from modern but simple, to the very top luxury catamarans found on the seas! Ask about some of the sustainable practices the ship owners have incorporated seamlessly into the experience!

Croatia Catamaran mored near a secluded beach.png

Luxury Sailing Yacht

Sailing is always an unforgettable experience, arguably the very best way to feel the sea, and connect with the experience of being on the water.

The moment the sails take to the wind is something to remember forever. But don’t worry, you wont have to depend entirely on the wind, as each sailing yacht has motors for easy navigation at anytime!

Group having fun on a sailboat in Croatia.png

Private Gulet Charter

Traditional wooden yachts with comfortable, and spacious interior and exteriors, Gulets are perfect for gathering together. The roomy layout, with gathering space, and 4 or more cabins make this a perfect option for larger groups and families.


Paired with a smooth and easy ride, and fun traditional esthetic, Gulets are a favorite of Southern European travelers!

Gulet in a small Harbor photo credit Hakan Erenler.jpg

Luxury Motor Yacht

Motor yachts are the choice for luxury, comfort, and privacy. The large engines mean cruising farther and longer. Most offer several staterooms or cabins, and open deck for lounging.

The luxury amenities for yachters are truly endless – let us know what is important to you, and we’ll match you with the perfect yacht and crew!

Luxury yacht in Croatia.png
Group of snorkles from above photo credit Kelly.jpg

Safe & Clean Water

The iconic crystal-clear water of the Croatian Adriatic is visually stunning, but equally impressive is the cleanliness. The government has carefully worked to preserve the marine ecosystem and microbiology resulting in excellent water quality.

As a testament to this ongoing effort, nearly 100 beaches and over 2 dozen marinas received Flag awards, a certification by the nonprofit Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).Plus, Blue Flag designations advance the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

Onboard Entertainment

If it is water sports you are dreaming of, our charter options of loaded with tons of amenities for play and fun! SUP, snorkels, kayaks, fishing, Sea-Bobs, and more. Kids of all ages will enjoy the adventures on the calm, clear waters of the Adriatic Sea!

Relax on a water tubes, or feel like a kid again driving a jet ski.


When you speak with our Travel Designers, they’ll present all the myriad of options, to custom design for the adventures you are dreaming of!

Women on SUP near yacht charter Croatia.png
Cata Mala dining on board_edited.jpg

Fresh, Local, Surprising – Croatia’s Culinary Scene

Croatia is blessed with superb ingredients from both land and sea, and in recent years chefs have vied for a chance to bring innovation and classic dishes to life here. Both homegrown and international culinary craftsperson’s adore the hyper local, fresh seasonal products, which creates great food!

Wines, Wineries & Tasting

From the Istrian peninsula in the north, to the far south Konavle region in the South, the Croatian coast is a chance to discover the many varieties of native and international grapes – each with unique tastes, aromas, and textures. If you have not explored the delicate, rich and velvety selection of Croatian wines, you are in for a real treat!

A croatian winery with the sea in the background.png

From your private charter, wineries are often quite accessible!

Each of the large islands of Dalmatia are home to unique grape  varieties. We encourage you to stop in and taste local wines, learn some of the incredible growing techniques used here, and taste the low production wines you will not find anywhere back home. Set in stunning locations such as the hills of Istria or steep slopes of Hvar, with picture perfect views of the vineyard and the sea! A visit to the cellars can include a tour and tasting, or wines carefully paired with food. We highly recommend reservations, and of course will happily take care of this for you 

Fish out of water - What to do on land!


"Besides the amenities found at sea, entertainment is around every corner on land. Luxury beach clubs and lounge bars are set all along the Croatian coast. Charming villages with buildings carved from ancient stone. Dining experiences from the hyper local markets to Michelin Stared Chefs.

Our team makes it easy by taking care of all the arrangements for you to enjoy a memorable experience, personalized just for you!

Tara - CTC Founder & CEO

Private Charter Basics

What to know about Private Charter in Croatia

Conscious Travel Collective services incorporate everything you need for your charter holiday. From sea to land and everything in between, we create your tailor designed trip to perfectly fit your vision for this special time! Our team will offer a selection of charters based on the experience you are dreaming of.

As with all our custom designed trips, we also provide in-travel assistance while on the journey – from VIP dining reservations, wine tastings, event tickets, and more.

How long is a private charter?

While you could spend a lifetime exploring the Croatian Adriatic, most travelers will spend 1-2 weeks. Charter itineraries can be one-way, starting and ending in different locations, or round-trip, completing in the boat’s home port.

Most charters have a one week minimum, beginning and ending on a Saturday. Embarkation on the first day takes place late in the afternoon, and disembarkation on the final day is normally in the morning.

Catamaran on gorgeous green waters photo credit jess Loiterton

Where to visit on a Croatia Charter?

Every region of Croatia offers a different experience. By understanding your vision, we will present options best suited to your needs. However all along the Croatian coastline is small historic cities, wineries, and pristine secluded bays, which ensures that your charter itinerary will be full of interesting one-of-a-kind stops!

To incorporate multiple regions to explore a single region in greater depth, consider adding a second week.

Markarska Croatia Photo credit Tom Wheatley.jpg

Southern Dalmatia Sample Itinerary

A one-week charter is ideal for exploring one of Croatia’s coastal regions. For example, in a single week, a round-trip charter could cover the area of Central or Southern Dalmatia. At the time of securing your charter, you’ll know the starting and ending points, but everything in between is determined while onboard, between you and your Captain! It’s very flexible – so you can see where the mood of the day takes you.

Even though the exact route is flexible, we will provide a sample itinerary to help you envision what is possible.

Below is a sample itinerary of the Southern Dalmatia region, beginning in the town of  Split, and ending in Dubrovnik;


Croatia Map_edited.jpg

Day 1 – Embarkation: 5pm, depart from Split, overnight island of Brac

Day 2 – Brac to Hvar, stopping at Pekleni islands, overnight Hvar

Day 3 - Hvar to island of Vis, spend the day, then return for overnight in Hvar near Milna.

Day 4 – Hvar to Korčula, overnight at Korčula town

Day 5 - Korčule to Mljet National Park, stop in ancient town of Ston overnight on Šipan

Day 6 – Šipan, and Lopud islands, overnight Lopud

Day 7 – Lopud island, visit blue Cave on Kolocep, overnight in Dubrovnik.

Day 8 – Disembarkation in Dubrovnik

Private Charter Terms

Skippered Yacht Charter

Each charter includes your private Captain (skipper). Our highly experienced teams are expert navigators, and sailors – they are also thoughtful hosts, who are skilled at knowing how to care for their guests. Ultimately their number one goal is ensuring that you have a safe, and enjoyable experience on your Croatia charter holiday.

Since every charter is designed for your preferences, charters may also include additional crew, such as a hostess, deckhand, and chef.

Yacht Captain at the Bow of the ship

Your Charter Crew

In addition to a Captain/Skipper, charters may also include additional crew members. In some cases, the number of crew members may be determined by the size of the ship, or it may be possible to have additional crew for added services.


Additional crew might include a host, deckhand, or gourmet chef. The role of the crew includes tasks such as assisting the captain, ship maintenance, tidying up, provisioning, and preparing meals. To ensure a truly carefree getaway, we recommend having at least one crew member in addition to your captain.

Yacht charter crew

Meals on Board

Common on-board meal packages include the choice of “full board” or “half board. This just means the meals prepared on your charter include breakfast and lunch (Half board) or three meals per day (full board). Your crew will be able to arrange meals according to your wishes and in line with your dietary requirements and taste preferences. 

Most travelers choose to have breakfast and lunch on board, dining on shore for dinner. Of course, our team will provide you our personal suggestions for dining in each location you’ll visit.

Meals on board a private yacht charter in Croatia


This is just another way of indicating the location you will depart from!

Croatia’s coast is lined with modern marinas serving as home port to a variety of yachts. Where to begin your charter depends on which region you plan to explore. For example, the charming town of Trogir, just 30 miles north of Split, and only 10 minutes from Split international airport, is a popular starting point – Head south for Central and South Dalmatia (heading south) or head north from Trogir to visit the Kornati Islands.

Guests meeting their captain for a private yacht charter.

Another factor to consider when choosing your sailing route is the opportunity to extend your stay and explore your arrival or departure city. Consider giving yourself at least 2 nights before and after your charter to explore in greater depth.


For this reason, we often recommend one-way itineraries, which allows travelers to maximize their time on land before or after their charter. Our team is here to answer all your questions, and present options that best fit your time, and interests to make the most of your trip, while keeping it easy, and stress free for you!


The team at Conscious Travel Collective knows this area from years of firsthand experience. Which means we can organize your private charter, but also your pre and post accommodation, guides, transfers, and activities. We make it simple for you by being your one source for Croatia travel!


Each night on board is another chance to have a unique experience! You can choose between parking the boat at a "berth" in a marina, or "mooring".


Mooring is when you make your overnight home in a secured, sheltered bay, anchored or moored on buoys. When boating along the Dalmatian Coast, many options overnight mooring offer a peaceful alternative to a marina.

The benefit of a berth is the easy access to island towns, dining and nightlife. We suggest a combination of both!

A couple of the bow of their charter as they come into view of a croatian town
Two men relazing on the deck of their private charter in Croatia

Worry Free, Stress-Free – We take care of you!

From the moment you land in Croatia, to the moment you return home, our team is supporting your journey behind the scenes to ensure a flawless, personalized experience.


This allows you to fully present with your friends, family and this magical experience that you’ve been dreaming of!

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