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Croatia is on many travel wish lists, and for good reason. Gorgeous cities built during iconic empires, incredible cuisine, stunning scenery, a lifestyle that beckons you to savor the moment, and that unbelievable water of the Adriatic Sea, guaranteed to captivate you with its incredible beauty - This is Croatia.

Croatia Highlights

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The Islands of Dalmatia

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Sustainable Cuisine & Winemaking

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Split & Diocletian’s Palace

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Active adventures


Natural Parks



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Cultural Heritage


With 1777 kilometers of coastline on the Adriatic Sea, a fertile interior of rivers and parkland nesting between the karst mountains and the Dinaric Alps, the space that Croatia occupies has for millennia been a coveted land. At a crossroads of empires from the Ancient Greeks to the Hapsburgs of Austria, Croatia’s fertile land, ample access to the sea, and strategic location has imprinted its culture and carved its place in history.


The modern borders of Croatia are marked by the Adriatic Sea to its west, Slovenia and Italy to the North, with Bosnia and Hungary to the east, its easternmost border marked by the Sava, Drava and Danube rivers.

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Croatia Itinerary

Croatia is an ideal destination for small groups. So gather up your family and friends and get ready to bond over your newfound love for this stunning land, that exudes warmth, fun, and life well lived!

Our favorite way to design your trip includes locally-focused, absolutely stunning, and culturally rich places. We encourage you to travel slowly, allow time to savor and take it all in, in true Croatian style!

  • Walk the ancient stones of a former Roman Emperors palace.

  • Take a swim in the crystal clean Adriatic Sea.

  • Sip small batch local wines from unique varietals.

  • Go for an early morning walk in a nature preserves.

  • Hear tales from the seafaring days of the Venetian Republic.

  • Kayak in between stunning islands.

  • Glam it up with a elegant night on the town.

  • Learn how the Istrians prepare their own olive oil.

  • Visit one of the many hyper-niche museums of the Capital.

  • Lounge at a beach club and maybe dance the day away.

  • Prepare regional dishes with a local chef.

  • Visit the magical hilltowns of Istria, and take a walk in the past.

  • Witness folklore dance performed for centuries.

  • Island hop the Dalmatian coast.

  • Walk the fortified walls that have protected Dubrovnik since the 13th century!

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About Croatia

Croatia is home to over 1100 islands, which is a perfect place to spend a couple days living the glorious Adriatic island life! Sustainable travelers will LOVE that the local island public transportation means taking a catamaran - can you feel the warm sea air yet?


Prefer dry land, then spend time strolling the ancient streets of the oh-so-dreamy seaside towns of Dubrovnik and Split. You might already be familiar with the awe-inspiring, walled, seaside city of Dubrovnik (or for Game of Thrones fans, “Kings Landing”). But you might not be familiar with the UNESCO site, and the former Roman complex that is Split -  Vibrant, stunning, well-preserved - Split is one of those rare places that is easy and central for visitors, but home to a community of locals. This is the place to casually stroll, admire the surroundings, then make a few local friends to enjoy the vibe with - eat, drink wine, listen to stories and take it slow!



For Croatian culture at its finest, head inland to the literal and figurative capital of Croatian culture. The Croatian Capital Zagreb was once a stop for the most glamorous passengers in the world, on the Orient Express, a fact that won't escape your attention visiting its central city as it still retains opulent architecture and style from this period. Very much a young and modern city, Zagreb is a place that embraces artists of all stripes. It claims to have more museums per capita than anywhere else in the world, and its emerging street art scene speaks to the young population that call Zagreb home. And better yet, we love it in all seasons! Its Christmas markets continue to be a stand out in Europe!


Conscious travelers and foodies alike will be excited to know that the local food movement in Croatia is not a movement at all, but just how things are done. It’s common to find a restaurant with a little garden for their fresh herbs, or rolling their homemade pasta each morning. ​

Food, farming and cooking is a big part of enjoying the culture and we’ll be seamlessly integrating local food into each day you spend in Croatia!


We invite you to dream while we take care of everything to bring your dreams to life!

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Did you know...

Our trips are created in collaboration with, and led by locals! Travelers will spend their days with a local to experience and connect you to this lively place, its history, and the people that make it so incredibly special.


Where should I fly into for a Croatia trip?

This depends on your general itinerary. Croatia has several large international airports, and a few regional airports with access to European cities. When we design your itinerary, we will start with your home airport in mind to find the route that is most suitable for you!

If often makes the most sense to arrive in one airport and depart from another to reduce time spent going back to the starting point. Just reach out to a travel designer to begin your trip, and we will handle all the logistics.

My flight gets in the day before my group, can I stay at the hotel an extra night?

Please send an email to hello@conscioustravelcollective.com and we will check on that for you!

What currency is used in Croatia?

The EURO is the official currency of Croatia.

Do I need a Visa to travel to Croatia?

The country is an EU member and part of the Schengen Area. EU citizens do not need a visa to enter Croatia. Others may be able to enter Visa free, depending on their passport.

How many travelers are in a small group?

We suggest between 4 and 12 people per group in Croatia. Many of the places we visit can get a little cozy with more than 12 people so we suggest keeping this size in mind to have the best experience

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