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We currently offer only private travel to Croatia.
We have yet to establish our 2023 small groups dates, but check back soon. Or, you can inquire about a custom trip below
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Dates for Summer 2023 COMING SOON!


Conscious travelers and foodies alike will be excited to know that the local food movement in Croatia is not a movement at all, but just how things are done. It’s common to find a restaurant with a little garden for their fresh herbs, or rolling their homemade pasta each morning. 

Food, farming and cooking is a big part of our trip, and we’ll be seamlessly integrating local food into each day we spend together in Croatia!


You might already be familiar with the awe-inspiring, walled, seaside city of Dubrovnik (or for Game of Thrones fans, “Kings Landing”) - we’ll be spending the last few days of our trip here!

But you might not be familiar with the UNESCO site, and former Roman complex that is Split!  Vibrant, stunning, well-preserved— Split is one of those rare places that is easy and central for visitors, but home to a community of locals. We’ll be spending time with them, eating, drinking wine, listening to stories and taking it slow!


Croatia is home to over 1100 islands, we’ll spend a couple days living the glorious Adriatic island life! Sustainable travelers will LOVE that the local island public transportation means taking a catamaran - can you feel the warm sea air yet?


We’ll move from island life to the capital of culture, we consider Zagreb a total must see! The Croatian Capital, once a stop for the most glamorous passengers in the world, on the Orient Express, still retains opulent architecture and style, and embraces artists of all stripes. It claims to have more museums per capita than anywhere else in the world, and its emerging street art scene speaks to the young population that call Zagreb home.


We invite you to dream now, and join us later! Conscious Travel Collective is working on putting all the finishing touches on this trip that includes our favorite, locally-focused, absolutely stunning, and culturally rich places. We will travel slowly, allow time to savor and take it all in, in true Croatian style!

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