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Village of Ollantaytambo Peru from the hillside.Photo Credit: Emily Hlavac Green

Nestled between Andes Mountain Ranges and the capital of a bygone empire, the Sacred Valley is a mystical destination. Evoking awe from its natural beauty and powerful history, it comes to life with the laughter, music, and stories of the welcoming Andean people. 
Enjoy the wonder of ancient sites, majestic landscapes and welcoming people through our collaborative and personalized planning process to make the most of this magical experience.

Sacred Valley Highlights

Image of Cusco at sunset


The literal and figurative heart of the Inca Empire. Cusco embodies the spirit of this mystical valley.

Hikers on the Incan Trail in Peru


Ancient paths that had linked the empire, now lead adventurers to steep outposts that test the body and reward the soul.

Women weavers who are part of the collective with Awakami nonprofit


Meet some of the women doing the important work of keeping the traditional arts alive and thriving.

Hummingbird with orange body and dark green head. Photo credit: Nikhita Singhal


Be surrounded by the beauty and power of nature, and feel the connection to pachamama at every breathtaking turn.

A large hillside meets a small village at its base.


The deeper you go, the greater the return. Fall for the unique beauty and individual vitality of each valley town.

Climbers holding ropes


Seeking a rush? The valley cradles a powerful river inside her rugged peaks, a playground for the intrepid traveler.

A Inca man builds a fire


The Storytelling tradition spanning centuries continues. We offer diverse perspectives to connect you with the lives lived.

The UNESCO site of Machu Picchu


Experience the undeniable power and awe as you walk the streets of this complex built for the gods.

Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru, sitting high at an elevation of over 11,000 feet, is the gateway to the sacred Valley and where your journey begins. A short flight from the modern capital city of Lima, it’s a city unto its own. The spirits of shamans, philosophers, and dedicated worshipers of the earth who lived for centuries on the ground have left their mark. You will feel as you walk these cobbled streets.

The aptly named Sacred Valley is not a place to rush. It deserves your time, and more importantly, your presence. When slowing down and fully present the magic of this place begins to be revealed. Our philosophy is to intentionally design your trip to allow time for pausing, contemplation, and taking in the scenery that changes as clouds lift and fall, the sun rises and sets, and as the transformative energy seeps into our hearts.

Peru map

Looking for inspiration?

Check out one of our custom curated trips, special designed for a well-rounded, slow travel, 9-day visit to the Sacred Valley

Meet Kantu!

Born in the high city of Cusco, Kantu has a passion for trekking, nature, history. She loves sharing the culture of her home country. Kantu deeply believes in the need to travel and work in ways that are sustainable and responsible. She is an advocate for local people, and the traditional ways of life they are keeping alive.
Kantu 2_edited.jpg
Image is salt mines in the sacred valley of Peru. The landscape is thousands of square flats for salt to collect and dry, with a bright white color where the salt is exposed.

"This trip was one of my favorites to date. The accommodations are great & the views are breathtaking. Thank you for planning such an amazing trip"

Melissa, on her trip to Peru

About Peru

Nestled among the peaks of the Andes Mountain Range and the capital of a bygone empire, the Sacred Valley is a truly mystical destination to behold. It evokes awe and wonder with its natural beauty, and comes alive with the laughter, music, and stories of the welcoming Andean people. 


Our amazing local guides not only introduce you to the incredible relics and ruins which are the physical remains of a truly wise people but also to invite you to take part in the traditions that are still practiced by indigenous Peruvians today!


Conscious Travel Collective teams up with locals who share stories and long-lived wisdom of their ancestors, as well as invite you to take part in the traditions practiced by indigenous Peruvians today — Spiritual beliefs deeply rooted in love and reverence for the Earth (Pachamama), the foundations which are gratitude and reciprocity— core values of Conscious Travel Collective.

hiking trail in peru andes mountain range
yoga retreat
people sitting in a circle on yoga mats

Did you know...

Our trips are created in collaboration with, and led by locals! Travelers will spend their days with one of Peru’s own to experience and connect you to this magical place, its history, beauty and power - but most importantly, with the people that keep its culture and traditions alive!



Boutique Hotels

In Cusco, you'll stay in the San Blas neighborhood,  embraced by the rustic charm and luxurious accommodations of the Antigua Casona!  Originally built in the late 1700s, the Casona has been thoughtfully restored with a dedicated focus on cultural preservation and environmental sustainability.

cabin, mountain, clouds, green grass


When should I arrive in Cusco?

We suggest arriving in the morning or afternoon to have a little time to rest and settle in.

My flight gets in the day before my group, can I stay at the hotel an extra night?

Please send an email to hello@conscioustravelcollective.com and we will check on that for you!

What airport is best to arrive into?

You will fly into the Cusco Airport. If you are coming from outside of Peru, you will first connect in Lima, Peru.

How many travelers do you recommend for a small group?

We suggest between 4 and 10 people per group. Many of the places you'll be visiting are intimate environments, we think you'll have the best experience when your group size matches the space.

What is the 1-day Inca Trail hike to MacchuPichu like?

The 1-day Inca Trail hike to Maccupichu is considered “moderate to difficult”. The duration of the hike is from approximately 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, including breaks, and stopping for lunch (about 6-8 hours of hiking time). There are a few simple bathrooms along the route, and the trail is hilly, with several sections of stairs. You'll arrive at Maccupichu via the Sun Gate, hiking in is the only way to access this point. Then you'll have time to visit the site on a select route before taking a bus into town to join the group.

A licensed guide is required for this hike due to trails rules, it may not be hiked alone. A limited number of spaces are available each day, so this excursion should be booked well in advance of the trip.


Our team knows all about this hike ~ we've done it ourselves!

Please call or email with any questions.

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dried salt in peru
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