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Village of Ollantaytambo Peru from the hillside.Photo Credit: Emily Hlavac Green

Nestled between Andes Mountain Ranges and the capital of a bygone empire, the Sacred Valley is a mystical destination. Evoking awe from its natural beauty and powerful history, it comes to life with the laughter, music, and stories of the welcoming Andean people. 
Enjoy the wonder of ancient sites, majestic landscapes and welcoming people through our collaborative and personalized planning process to make the most of this magical experience.

Sacred Valley Highlights

Image of Cusco at sunset


The literal and figurative heart of the Inca Empire. Cusco embodies the spirit of this mystical valley.

Hikers on the Incan Trail in Peru


Ancient paths that had linked the empire, now lead adventurers to steep outposts that test the body and reward the soul.

Women weavers who are part of the collective with Awakami nonprofit


Meet some of the women doing the important work of keeping the traditional arts alive and thriving.

Hummingbird with orange body and dark green head. Photo credit: Nikhita Singhal


Be surrounded by the beauty and power of nature, and feel the connection to pachamama at every breathtaking turn.

A large hillside meets a small village at its base.


The deeper you go, the greater the return. Fall for the unique beauty and individual vitality of each valley town.

Climbers holding ropes


Seeking a rush? The valley cradles a powerful river inside her rugged peaks, a playground for the intrepid traveler.

A Inca man builds a fire


The Storytelling tradition spanning centuries continues. We offer diverse perspectives to connect you with the lives lived.

The UNESCO site of Machu Picchu


Experience the undeniable power and awe as you walk the streets of this complex built for the gods.

Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru, sitting high at an elevation of over 11,000 feet, is the gateway to the sacred Valley and where your journey begins. A short flight from the modern capital city of Lima, it’s a city unto its own. The spirits of shamans, philosophers, and dedicated worshipers of the earth who lived for centuries on the ground have left their mark. You will feel as you walk these cobbled streets.

The aptly named Sacred Valley is not a place to rush. It deserves your time, and more importantly, your presence. When slowing down and fully present the magic of this place begins to be revealed. Our philosophy is to intentionally design your trip to allow time for pausing, contemplation, and taking in the scenery that changes as clouds lift and fall, the sun rises and sets, and as the transformative energy seeps into our hearts.

Peru map

Meet Edgar!

Edgar was born and raised in the mountain village of Chinchero, above the Sacred Valley of the Incas. With a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of all to nature and the mountains, he shares the great wisdom and ancient technology of the Inca people. 
Peruvian guide Edgar


Peru is a trip of a lifetime kind of place.

To envision what your trip might look like we offer a sample itinerary that blends culture, history, a bit of hiking, great food, incredible accommodations and our favorite ingredient - amazing locals who will share their perspective on what it’s like to call Peru home and welcome you there!

We’ve designed a 9-day adventure packed with Incan culture, Peruvian cuisine, and human connection. From experiencing the jaw-dropping sacred sites of ancient Incan ruins to mouth-watering authentic dishes that you’ve been taught to prepare yourself; this tour gets you up close and personal to the richness of the Sacred Valley - while also creating meaningful connections and positive impacts within the local communities.   

Connect with a Conscious Travel Collective travel curator today and take your Peru dreams to reality!


As an example, the trip below is designed for a private group of 8 travelers and includes a private local trip leader, private transportation, entry fees, most meals, gratuity and luxury accommodations - starting at $3195 per person.

Credit: Eduardo Flores via unsplash
Day One - Arrive in Peru! 

Touch down in Cusco, Peru! Grab your gear and meet your private driver, who will bring you to the gorgeous Hotel Pakaritampu! Once you’ve settled into your room, you’ll meet Kantu, our local guide! She will be with you throughout the journey as your local guide, expert, and likely a new friend you'll never forget! After, we’ll all indulge in some Peruvian cuisine and get to know one another at our CTC Welcome Dinner!

Meals Included: Dinner

Day Two - Ollantaytambo 

This morning you'll wake up in the quiet mystery of the Sacred Valley, and today is all about going where your spirit is called. After breakfast, Kantu will walk us through the ruins just steps outside!  This fortress among this village acted as a gateway to the Amazon region of the Incan Empire.


Next, we’ll make our way to the Salineras de Mara. (Fun fact: these 500-year-old salt mines were formed by creating pans or terraces to collect the spring water that flows through salt deposits from prehistoric lakes within the mountain). This pink-hued salt is some of the best in the world! Once we’ve sampled some salt, we’ll head to another sacred spot, but not before we refuel with a traditional, hearty lunch!


Tonight, you’ll enjoy free time in Ollantaytambo. Be sure to look up! You’ll get some of the best views of the starry southern sky without the big city lights. 

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch

Day Three - Ollantaytambo 

Today is all about connecting with locals! After a fresh breakfast we will depart Ollantaytambo and head further into the rural countryside to visit a women’s weaving collective. We partner with a local non-profit, whose support of women helps to keep their traditional art thriving. You’ll witness a demonstration of the weaving process behind those intricate Alpaca ponchos you’ve been eyeing!


Upon returning you’ll have some time for R&R before your up for another hands-on learning from locals, this time in the kitchen! Your cooking teacher welcomes you to their hearth and home to learn some traditional recipes. You’ll be whipping up— and enjoying some authentic Peruvian staples for a tasty insight into the culture. 

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day Four - Sacred Valley 

Today is all about you! After breakfast you’ll determine your own adventure!

Perhaps take a horseback riding excursion* through the valley, join a half river rafting tour* or tackle a nearby hiking trail.  Maybe you want to use the afternoon to relax in the splendor that is the Scared Valley! The choice is totally up to you.


*For those looking to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, this optional add-on departs bright and early from the rail station to hit the trail after sunrise. Your guide for the trail will bring you along the route for spectacular views, waterfalls, and ruins. Stop along the way to eat lunch. (Name a cooler place for a picnic than the Inca Trail?! We’ll wait…) Then it’s off to the Sun Gate and your first (breathtaking) look at Machu Picchu! Ready to test your hiking chops? 

Shoot us an email, and we can help you determine which excursion is for you!


In the late afternoon, we will take an expedition train on a super scenic ride along the Urubamba River before arriving in Aguas Calientes— we’ll save you the Google search and tell you that the hot springs this little town is known for are pure post-hike bliss!

Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner