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Just a few of highlights to get you excited about visiting this Capital city unlike any other!


  • Visit a local food market with an in-the-know local, then we’ll head back to their casa for a private cooking class!

  • Kick back with a cerveza on a Trajinera, get serenaded by mariachi as you take in the colorful energy of Xochimilco!

  • Spend an afternoon soaking in the cool vibes in Coyoacán 

  • Admire & learn about iconic artworks

  • Walk and talk with a local historian to gain perspective on the rich, and complicated past of this amazing place

  • We’ll eat! Enjoy a wide range of cuisine from this culinary capital—from home cooked meals, to street food & tasting menus!


Mexico City is the oldest, biggest, and the highest city in the Americas. Add in exquisite Art Deco style architecture, a near-perfect climate, world-class cuisine, arguably the best street food in the Americas, a vigorous art scene, and an appreciation for ancient indigenous traditions and you’ve got only a few of the reasons why we LOVE CDMX!


Home to over 150 museums and historic sites such as Teotihuacan, Mexico City is packed with incredibly fascinating pre-colombian history. Together, with your local guide, you’ll experience the real story of the Mexica (also known as Aztec, the name given by the Spaniards to the alliance that founded what is now Mexico City) and Mexico City’s preservation of their vibrant culture.


Perfectly balanced with the busy city center are the pin-drop quiet neighborhoods— and a trip to CDMX would not be complete without a stroll through them.

An inviting and colorful oasis where trees seem to offer their blooms to the streets below and fountains orchestrate the mood. Coyoacán has long been a home for artists, imagine yourself witnessing inspiring painters such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera produce their famous pieces as you meander through the Casa Azul, the Blue House— Frida’s home-and-studio-turned museum.


The experimentation and fusing of different eras extend beyond the art community, and into one of the most accessible mediums … We are talking ‘bout food baby! Creative cuisine carries traditions that span generations to fuse with modern reinvention, and it wouldn’t be a CTC tour without learning about (and sampling!) it all.


Mixing art, history, and culture with the natural habitat and you’ve got the lake and canal system of Xochimilco. Once the main connection between settlements, today the canals are bejeweled with Trajinera, colorfully painted wooden boats that glide you through the narrow canals between floating food vendors, or a boat teetering with musicians looking for someone to serenade. 


Responsibly experience the magic of Mexico City — the rich art, history, cuisine, & culture— with your amazing local trip leader, + 7-8 of the friends you haven’t yet met in another unique Conscious Travel Collective trip.

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