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🎙️Just Dropped: Press Play for Our Podcast Interview

In January 2024, Conscious Travel Collective Founder and CEO, Tara Busch sat down at her home in Brooklyn for a virtual conversation with Christine Winebrenner-Irick. What followed was a connection fueled exchange that overflowed with genuine connection, appreciation, and shared passion.

If you’ve been a friend of CTC for a minute, you probably noticed that deep dives, and connection are kinda our thing!

That’s why it made for the perfect pairing, when CTC founder Tara sat down to speak with Christine for an exploration on intentionality and finding meaning in travel.

On the Soul of Travel Podcast, Christine explores the joy, wanderlust and curiosity that inspires travel through women change makers bringing their creative visions to life!

We hope this conversation resonate, and leaves you inspired to travel for greater meaning.

Take a listen and let us know!

Listen on Apple Podcasts here, or follow this link to the episode page for all the listening options.

Image from the Soul of Travel Podcast with photos of the Podcast host, Christine and her guest Tara.
Image from this episode of the Soul of Travel Podcast, Christine hosts a soulful conversation with Tara Busch, Founder and CEO of Conscious Travel Collective.


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