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Empowering Women Travel Entrepreneurs from within!

In December of 2023, our Founder Tara Busch joined two dozen fellow women travel entrepreneurs to pitch their business as part of the first wmnsWORK demo day. wmnsWORK is the travel industry’s first business accelerator program designed exclusive to support and empower early-stage entrepreneurs who identify as women and non-binary.

Through education, mentorship, and peer support a thoughtful and safe community has emerged. Tara is an enthusiastic member of this community, we super excited to share her work with this special community of women.

Check out her 5-minute pitch to learn more about our mission, and backstory, our successes over the last two years, what's coming next, and how you can partner with us!

The entire collection of pitches is below, we encourage you to check out all the inspiring and innovative ways women are changing the travel industry, for the better!

See Tara's pitch at 01:11:01 minutes in -

To hear more about Tara's personal experience as part of the third cohort of wmnsWORK, check out her blog and reflections here.


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