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A Summer Travel Prediction You'll Want to Know About

Get ahead of the crowds and enjoy these experiences before they take off!

Two lounge chairs sit empty in the lawn in front of a two-story stone home.

Our prediction for summer travel (and the next several years for that matter) can be summarized in two words.... Flexible Living!

Have you heard friends, family, maybe even colleagues considering traveling for extended periods, and staying in one place for a week, a month or even more? Chances are, this is an approach to "travel" that is totally different from anything they have seriously considered before.

Why now?

It comes down to opportunity. Remote work, quiet quitting, corporations launching new sabbatical programs, and other expanding flexibility in the work lives of many people are just some of the opportunities that can lead to picking up one's life and bringing it elsewhere.

Jobs and lifestyle choices are expanding out of the box they’ve been in, and this year we can expect to see folks grabbing their chance to live in a new city, state, country or even embracing a new lifestyle… if only temporarily.

City dwellers might seek out country homes, while the folks on the coast head for the mountains, and vice versa! Trying a novel way of living life, if only for a few weeks or even months, is a way to step into an alternate path that maybe they've always dreamt about.

Plus, a lot of people are wanting to travel more slowly. Leaving behind the hectic pace of multiple cities in a few days, for a relaxed approach to travel. Essentially, this is more a lifestyle trend than a travel trend, but it will have huge impacts on travel, now and far into the future.

What trends do we expect to see?

Look for house swaps, homestays and house-sitting to really take off. Sorry Airbnb but folks are finding ways around those crazy fees, lack of customer service and restrictions. Creative home seekers may turn to lodging with a catch, like housesitting that requires caring for pets or tending to a garden.

We say bring it on! For travelers wanting a true local experience, what better way to feel at home than curling up with a kitty, or meeting the neighbors while out walking the dogs?

Where to look;

How will this affect typical travel this summer?

Our bet is folks will opt for spending several weeks or longer in one place, just living their life. Working, cooking cleaning, walking the dogs, taking the kids to the park, having a beer after work at the local pub. Maybe an occasional weekend away. But after the long stint, and to make the best use of that international flight, we expect them to cap off their immersive experience with a proper 1-2 week holiday.

We anticipate they will plan last minute after carefully considering all the options, and no doubt weighing the tips they've heard from locals over the last few weeks or months. The "travel" time will probably include some luxury experiences, mixed in with the local tips acquired from their new friends.

How can the travel industry be ready?

To prepare for this summer travel prediction, guides and Tour Operators should consider getting involved in expat groups that might see temporary surges this spring and summer from visitors looking to connect with the community. Here they can watch for trends and learn what the long-term travelers are seeking It's our bet this summer's travel requests might not match previous years, so providers will want to adapt their offerings to meet the unique demand.

How can travelers prepare?

Don't wait to get your plans in place. Going for a longer trip, make some decisions now, rather than opting for 100% flexibility. We suggest selecting where you will start and end your trip to at least getting these accommodations in place, then fill in the middle over time. If you can find flexible homestays in the beginning of your trip, you are sure to get great suggestions for how to spend your time.

Talk to friends, let them know you plan to travel, and you just might be able to coordinate a meet-up or two! Chances are you'll have a friend in your wider circle to hang with.

"When traveling, I'll actively look for opportunities to connect with someone, like a LinkedIn friend I've never met, or a friend-of-a friend, and these surprise meet ups always end up being so much fun! " Tara Busch

A man walking down an empty street in Italy.

How to find a place when availability is low?

Don’t worry about securing the perfectly located home or holding out for a place with a stunning view. Your best experiences are likely to unfold in the serendipitous moments that you can’t plan for.

This can also be an opportunity to live your life not only in a different place, but in a different way.

What do we mean by that? If you’re used to having separate bathrooms or bedrooms for your kids, or not sharing a sink with your spouse, here you can also try something new. It's not forever, so why not embrace these small changes as just part of your cultural assimilation.

And the most important thing you can do?

Be sure to connect with the locals! This might mean making an effort to meet and mingle, but don’t miss the chance to connect with people that your life at home might not naturally put you in touch with. Be friendly, learn how to say hello, invite the neighbor over for coffee or just go to a local hangout and mingle. When the local team is playing a match, find out where to go to watch and cheer on the home team! Meeting people, and forging connection will create the deepest connection and meaning in your life.

Isn’t that really what traveling is all about?

Do you have a trend or travel idea you want to share?

Let us know!

Email hello@ConsciousTravelCollective.com, or find us on social media. I’d love to connect with you!

The author of this blog is the Founder of Conscious Travel Collective, Tara Busch.

Hey there! I’m Tara, the founder of Conscious Travel Collective. After years in the travel industry and loving the opportunity to connect travelers with the world, I was struggling. Part of what troubled me was the absence of a critical element, one that makes travel so special - which is genuine, reciprocal, authentic connection! Connection with places, through the people that live there. So, with much intention, I started Conscious Travel Collective to offer folks travel that connects. We design luxury experiences at a reasonable price, with sustainable, ethical travel practices leading the way.

For more on our approach to private travel head over to our homepage. We are so happy to welcome you!


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