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Why a small group tour is the perfect idea for first-time solo female travelers

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Traveling solo for the first time can be daunting. Traveling solo for the first time as a woman can be even more intimidating. Legacy news media perpetuates the worst-case scenarios of solo venturing and highlights the added dangers of doing so as a woman.

But then how come there are so many examples of women boldly and successfully solo traveling all over the globe? And why aren’t you among them?

These may be the thoughts that cross your mind when itching for a big adventure but don’t have a travel buddy to plan with. And it can be hard to take that leap toward adventuring alone.

Maybe you’re not quite comfortable with traveling ALONE, alone. Not yet, anyway.

But what if I told you that there’s a way to get a taste of the solo travel experience you’re looking for with the added comfort and benefit of traveling with others?

Small group tours are a great option for first-time solo travelers.

Here are some reasons why:

You don’t have to wait for schedules and interests to align with any of your travel partners

This is one of the biggest factors which prevent many people from traveling in the first place: Craving adventure, but not being able to line up schedules with those you wish to travel with.

Time is one of the only non-renewable resources we have, and it slips through our fingers so fast. If you’re waiting on the stars to align to be able to travel with your BFF or partner, you may never take that trip.

Joining a small group tour allows you to solo travel with other people to places you’re interested in and when it works for your schedule.

You’d be surprised how many in the group are traveling solo as well!

It takes the pressure off of itinerary planning

Woman sitting on the floor holding up a map, with two open suitcases next to her

There’s a ton that goes into creating a memorable travel experience.

From booking activities, finding the perfect accommodations, mapping out different historic sites, determining the transportation to and from those sites, making restaurant reservations, and seeking out authentic, hands-on experiences— Itinerary design is a full-time job. (Just ask CTC founder, Tara.)

Joining a small group tour as a solo female traveler takes the immense pressure off of planning your day-to-day itinerary. With so much to think about during your first solo trip, taking the logistics off your plate can remove a bit of the stress around leaving home behind, alone, for a new destination.

Small group tours do the legwork of researching the destination and putting together your days in a way that allows you to experience the essence of a destination, its people, and its culture.

Just book your flight, pack your bag, show up, and enjoy the adventure.

You hone the skills required for your own solo travel adventures

Even though all the details of the itinerary are laid out for you ahead of time and you’ll join a small group of other travelers, you’re still taking the leap and traveling alone. And that takes courage, my friend. But courage comes before confidence, and confidence is one of the many benefits of traveling alone.

Some of the other skills (aka rewards) that are by-products of solo travel?

  • Waking up on time.

  • Being aware of your surroundings

  • Keeping your belongings light and organized

  • Patience and flexibility

  • Open-mindedness and acceptance

  • Relying on intuition

  • Being a good friend

  • Making friends

Small group tours are the perfect container for developing the skills (and desire) for planning your own solo travel adventure next.

You meet some fantastic people and make new friends

Two women smiling, one is holding a guitar the other is holding a coconut

Perhaps one of the most rewarding parts of solo travel is the people you connect with.